Seizure Supervisor, Captain Davis Gros

Davis Grox


The primary function of the Seizure Department is the execution of petitions or suits filed by either Financial Institutions or individuals against other parties who are indebted to them. Suits are filed through the Clerk of Courts Office by either Attorney's representing a particular plaintiff or occasionally individuals themselves after a period of time has passed when payments for debts are no longer received or are excessively delinquent, forcing the debt into foreclosure.

Once a Writ is received from the Clerk's Office, which contains an order signed by a Judge, a notice is prepared by the Seizure Department and served to any and all defendants named in the suit. The petition must specifically detail any And all items which are to be seized. Any movable items, within reason, are confiscated and stored at a location named by the plaintiff pending the outcome of the suit. After a reasonable period of time, if there is no resolve between the plaintiff and defendant(s), the items which were seized are sold at public auction.

Another responsibility of the Seizure Department is the service and collection of garnishments in which an individual's wages are deducted once a Judgment has been rendered to settle a monetary debt. The Seizure Department serves the employer of the defendant, collects and forwards all monies to the proper persons.