Terrebonne Parish Sheriff's Office
The primary missions for the S.W.A.T.(Special Weapons and Tactics) team
 includes high risk operations that fall outside the scope of regular officers. Duties
 may include hostage situations or rescues, counter-terrorism operations, serving high
 risk arrest and search warrants, subduing barricaded suspects, or engaging heavily-armed dangerous criminals such as an active shooter event. 
   The Terrebonne Parish Sheriff's Office S.W.A.T team was formed in the early 1990's
during Sheriff Jerry Larpenter's administration by recognizing the need of the parish. The original members were voluntary. The team has since been continually equipped with newer state of the art equipment. The team now highly trained in numerous weapons systems that range from less lethal to lethal. The team is also equipped with other specialized protective equipment for the needs of high demanding situations. Members of the current team remains voluntary and have primary assignments in various divisions of the sheriff's office. Team members participate in a vigorous S.W.A.T. training regimen and assist the training division with the training of other deputies in the department by expanding capabilities of the uniformed deputies due to demanding situations. Majority of the SWAT team members are consummate instructors in various law enforcement skills.