Crimes in most categories took drops in 2019

Sheriff Jerry Larpenter says that a preliminary review of Terrebonne Parish

crime statistics shows downturns in almost all crime categories from
2018 to 2019, with the exception of homicides.

 “I have discussed the homicide numbers with some local media, and

maintain of course that even one is too many,” Sheriff Larpenter said. “We
had nine total this year, which is above the average number of these
crimes from 2012 to the present, which stands at six. A review of the
cases for 2019 indicates that the majority of these homicides involved
our on-doing problem with the illegal drug trade,” Sheriff Larpenter
said. “Key actors in some of these cases have been apprehended
during the past year as well. It is our hope that 2020 will see numbers
closer to or below our area’s average.”

Three of the 2019 homicides related directly to situations involving

 domestic violence, the Sheriff said.

Aggravated assaults, robberies and burglaries were among the crimes

that registered drops that appear related to continuing downward trends.
From 2018 to 2019:

Aggravated assaults: Down 47 percent, from 21 to 11.

Batteries: Down 35 percent from 88 to 65.

Robberies: Down 36 percent, from 41 to 26.

Burglaries: Down 42 percent, from 408 to 286.

Thefts: Down 13 percent from 2028 to 1765.

“It is difficult to accurately determine the reasons for these drops,

which appear part of a multi-year trend,” Sheriff Larpenter
said. “However, I have no doubt that strategic use of patrols
despite limited resources has had some effect in terms of deterrence.
In addition, our detective division has been extremely active in all
cases. Continued enforcement also tends to deter criminals. These
numbers show at the very least that we have them thinking twice.”