Crime Scene


Mission Statement

Provide the residence of Terrebonne Parish with forensic science service that meets the approved standards of the Louisiana State Police Crime Lab in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Assist other law enforcement agencies, at the discretion of the Sheriff of Terrebonne Parish, whenever possible with our qualified & trained employees.

Provide educational presentations to fellow law enforcement officers as well as civilians & organizations within the community.



Collect, analyze, and maintain care, custody and control of evidence.

Process evidence for latent prints.

Provide technical assistance at crime scenes.

Provide expert testimony in Courts of Law.

Stay abreast of newest technologies and innovations to provide quality service.

General Information

The Terrebonne Parish Sheriff’s Office Crime Scene Division falls under the Detective Bureau. The Crime Scene Division responds to all Major Crime Scenes such as Homicides, Suspicious deaths, Robberies, Sex Crimes etc., and its investigators are subject to calls 24 Hr. a day 7 days a week.

During call out, Crime Scene Investigators are responsible for properly processing the crime scene, which includes but not limited to videotaping, taking digital photographs, fingerprinting, crime scene sketching, and collection of all physical evidence including trace evidence.




During normal business hours, which are 8:00AM-4: 30PM on Mon-Thu and 8:00AM-4:00PM on Fri, the Crime Scene Investigators are available for assignments, office request, assisting attorneys for trial, and give testimony in court cases.

A.F.I.S. (Automated Fingerprint Identification System)

A.F.I.S. is a vital part of the function of the Crime Scene Division. Qualified fingerprint examiners process latent prints from cases, and attempt to identify the person(s) whom prints were located as potential suspects. The Crime Scene Division also provides this service to neighboring police departments and several parish sheriffs’ offices.